Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Life…Signed Girl YOU Crazy!

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re going, the next step you should take and if you took no steps at all what would really happen?

Writing Life a letter this week is all about self-reflection, moving forward, walking in your purpose and…defeating crazy with courageous…no matter the obstacles in front of you!

When was the last time you wrote Life a letter…and just let it all out?

I personally have never really written one, well I have in this book I’m writing (another part of my process)…but it goes in a completely different direction…yea, that’s another story for another time…but I have never written one that was just to Life in general like this one.

Pre-GYC-Disclaimer: We have all written or spoken a letter to Life and the way we write or speak it depends on our relationship with it…therefore, as some may know I am ALL, all over the place and this letter will more than likely read this way but I mean…this wouldn’t be Girl YOU Crazy if I didn’t right? Right.

Let’s get into it…

Dear Life,

It’s funny how we live you everyday, yet we question the reality we see…I guess you know where this is going!!!

But when I’m left with my thoughts, I just wonder…
Why are you not as pure and simple as this paper?

Maybe that’s too deep… let me start again…
You must get these letters a lot…?  I guess I could say, “I hope this letter finds you well” but I guess this letter is not about you but me writing you, and telling you what is on my mind…


I’ve come to a point where it seems as though you are seriously pressuring me and everywhere I turn is a LESSON (I’m not yelling, I just want you to know that I recognize/acknowledge/know these are LESSONS).

Learning one thing after another…encountering this crazy, that crazy and they have the nerve to think I’m crazy but Life when will they learn, my crazy is in perspective, profitable and we call it courage…Can I get a witness???

But honestly, the reason I am writing you…since you already know all of this stuff is…

The different experiences of the past and present seem to keep placing me at sink, sail or swim back to shore moments, which ultimately remind me… “don’t let go…

There comes a time or many, and I believe this is mine, since we have been creating aha moments and all that but it’s time to look at the process (my process) and recognize where I’m going and did I volunteer to go or did I just end up here…and is there a reason to stop, start over or keep going?

Whatever the answer is…Am I actually in Operation Forward Motion?...because none of this matters if I am not moving forward and just making noise where no one is listening…been there, done that, saw it and continue to see it…and I don’t like it for myself or anyone else!

So as I write this letter, I will explore these questions...
Personal Open Reflection for us to explore in a conversation with our beautiful Life:
+Where did I start?

+Why did I start?

+How did I start?

+Do any of my where, why, and how’s relate to each other???

+Where am I now?

+Do I want to be here?
++If not here, Why? How will I get somewhere else?

+This is where I want to end…

+But where will my actions/decisions allow me to actually end?

The other day, I made a sticky note about all of my experiences to see how and why I could move forward…and you know what I realized Life???

That this life me you live together was (past tense) missing some understanding in my actual experiences…and I have way more experience than I knew I had…and at age 23, so I’m wondering, how many of us have really taken the time to know what we have experienced???

Do we give ourselves proper credit? (Please refer to Don’t Take the Elevator…)

Do we know and appreciate the journey we are on?

“The person I am is the person I have become, the process can attest to the journey that has only begun.”-My truth

I know we sat down before and had a conversation about stop being nosey but all of these lessons I’m learning, those questions above really place things in right now perspective…and the two of us have greater things to do…I know it!!! So, I refuse to let/allow/approve any of things or people that will keep me from receiving my directions and instructions, which is a serious fight and strengthens my knowledge to know that the best IS yet to come…

But can I just vent…because that’s what I do??? Cool? Cool.

I’m almost done…but what I don’t say here, I say in my thoughts and actions---
GYC Girl Girl GIRL YOU CRAZY Rant…I have to! And yes this is like 1 sentence)!
When I think about my life and the lives of others that face criticism by those thinking they’re doing a favor for something bigger than them or even a favor to you without genuinely asking YOU, about YOU before talking negatively/criticizing/bashing YOU…I remember that in actuality it’s just a response of their own self-reflection or lack thereof…but I won’t retaliate/argue/give any more air than this quote (I wrote) below because I know that you, beautiful Life, have great instructions and directions for me to live and be all of me, so when people see US (YOU, ME, WE) may our confidence, strength and boldness shine, maintain it’s character and say…

“If you don’t understand the vision (the vision for my life)…don’t criticize the image (me)!”

Life, thank you for showing me how to be in Operation Forward Motion, and reminding me that I am going somewhere that I am supposed to be voluntarily…I love you…but you already know that!

Sincerely ME,

GYCGirlYOU…know the rest!

Your turn, what letter will you write Life…

Dear Life,

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