Monday, June 25, 2012

GYC Girl YOU Crazy...Welcome (text version)

“The imagination allows access to the things unseen and yet to be!”-Your Imagination

Have you ever thought the wildest thought, imagined the most amazing situation, and dreamed your biggest dream?

Then thought about it again, and said,
-”I can’t believe this”
-“That would never happen to me”??
So you call up your friend, talk to your parent(s) and/or anyone that catches your attention, and you begin to reveal/unveil/release/share this vision that you had and their response is “Girl YOU Crazy” (in whatever manner, shape or form). Laughing it off, you agree by saying, “yea you’re right” or “why did I tell you?”

 As you keep thinking about it, there seems to be signs of it everywhere, you begin to investigate this wild vision but as you attempt/try/train for this vision to be in your reality, the comment that you laughed off “Girl YOU Crazy” screams, “I can never make this happen, it was just a dream, thought or so unlike me to achieve…nevermind, I can’t do it,” and you never finish it, or even start it.

What’s crazy is that the most playful or simplest response that we thought we laughed/brushed off can be the most significant deciding factor of whether or not we go after our heart’s deepest desire. It can determine that it’s not worth your time to try it out or even see if you could win, because odds are you are just going to fail. This voice replaying in your head “Girl YOU Crazy” and now you’re starting to agree.

GYC Girl YOU Crazy exist as an inspiration source, outlet, hand up, support, testimonial release location, fuel station, dream builder, reminder of purpose… whatever you need to move forward and see your dreams, desires of your heart as a reality or help/support to remember or dream a new dream.

We often forget in the midst of discouragement, the root of which our vision was birthed, our imagination. When we change our perspective and connotations of frequently used/ popular phrases, sayings or subjects that have discouraged us in the past & present, we can finish or start anything with confidence and expectation as our imagination has free range.

GYC Girl YOU Crazy: Flipping the meaning of something playful that can discourage, keeping it playful but using the phrase as fuel to accomplish/complete/finish and live your dream with great expectation & a smile!

Your Imagination is the one of the most amazing places to be (at any age)…

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