Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GYC Girl YOU Crazy Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Designed by Lauren Alicia, founder & owner of
Promo Created & Edited by Gmcfosho
Music by Dan-O at

Write the unexpected.

I’m so excited to finally introduce to you GYC Girl YOU Crazy Greeting Cards!!!!!!!! That moment when you’ve been working on many projects and one them is ready to leave the nest/ workshop…it feels good!

The cards are bold and for the daring or tempted to be daring…and funny at the same time. Write what you feel… Write the unexpected.

Excerpt from back of variety pack, "Everything GYC":

                   GYC Girl YOU Crazy™ cards are whatever you want them to be...created to kickstart    your unexpected, expected message! You were thinking it so go ahead, write it and send it "Girl YOU Crazy"!!! A portion of the profits help to fund collaborated events for girls and young women, promoting "Living a life of purpose out loud!"

GYC Personal Story:
I love to write and send cards to people as they move on to the next step in their life …basically write novels about it…hoping to make them laugh, say “awww”, smile and be encouraged to keep on doing what they were designed to do!

I know you probably want a card from me from me now…trust me, it’s good stuff (& I’ll tell you how you can do that later)!

However, before we get to the sentimental stuff…the front of the card can possibly not say the same the same thing…

Or even make you wonder… “What is she about to say???”

And that is GYC Girl YOU Crazy™ Greeting Cards!
Write what you feel…
Write the unexpected.
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Contact LaurenAlicia to get GYC cards in YOUR Favorite Store...or YOUR Store!

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