Monday, March 3, 2014

How Creative Would YOU Be…?

Come on down and welcome to HOW-CREATIVE-WOULD-YOU-BE-? *Key Music…

In this post (or maybe even a C H A L L E N G E…)…I’m asking that YOU limit your outside resources, as in whatever is not in your house/building…do not use.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to limit our abilities when we think we are without certain resources…

causing us to possibly unnecessarily outsource.

In my thoughts, I had to realize that I when I do this…I put a cap on who I am, how I’m designed and what my design is prepared to fulfill, and as a result…I personally use it as an excuse to procrastinate…so I wait and wait and make more plans to wait!!!

…Girl, it was time to put an end to that crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we know we’re worthy…YOU/Me/We need to walk in our worth!!! HELLO!!!

So if you can relate… this is for YOU!

Here is the CHALLENGE, below is a list for you to put to use:

How Creative Would You Be If YOU…

1.    Read all the books in your house that you just had to buy/borrow/read?

2.    Got your cookbooks dirty instead of dusty? :-)

3.   Learned and used all the programs downloaded on your computer?

4.    Try it yourself…before commissioning someone?

5.    Made yourself wear everything in your closet?

How Creative Would You Be If…
6.    Every outfit you wore outside expressed an opportunity of (YOUR) worth and more?

How Creative Would You Be If YOU…
7.    Took a camera and captured whatever/everything you see (inside and out)?

8.    Looked in the mirror and decided to see more than a reflection?

9.    Visualized what you dreamed of becoming or owning, then went to visit it and/or made the blueprint for it?

10.   Looked up at the sky and wondered?

11.   Decided to fix, re-create or give new perspective to what is broken?

12.   Really took time to think about the story that you live?

13.  Thought about why the person you admire or the person whom gets on your nerves the most has a special place in your thoughts?

How Creative Would You Be If…
14.  Without hesitation… you knew where your biggest inspiration resided and the depths of the places your inspiration takes you? And how to stir it up every time you need/want it?

How Creative Would You Be If YOU…
15. Wrote down and thought about everything you ever wanted to be and WHY, starting from your first childhood memory?

16.  Immediately gave plans to the things you refuse to throw away? ... Putting aside “some day I’ll use it for something,” and give it some REAL GENUINE PLANS for this current month…

17.  Decided with action that TODAY is the day that I begin what I always wanted to start and imagined it being amazing when it is completed?

18. Realized that shoestrings are not just for shoes, cameras are not just for capturing memories, belts are not only for pants, olive oil isn’t just for cooking, stories aren’t just for telling? How creative would you be if you gave the things you use an opportunity to be useful for something else?

19.  How creative would you be if someone noticed the depths of your capabilities that you have yet to see? Would you ignore them or take time to explore in yourself what they see?

21.  Allowed this month’s Question for Thought to help you think of the NEXT BIG THING?

Well…How Creative Would YOU Be? How Creative Can YOU Be?
Oh…I apologize if this wasn’t as exciting as the lady in the GIF made it seem but…

When I was typing the scenarios, I thought about making up some extravagant, over-the-top, crazy courageous type tasks…then, I remembered…there is nothing like being in a scenario you already live called, YOUR LIFE!

What task(s) are you facing today? Add it to the “How creative would YOU be…” list and put your design to the test.

I am!!

My point for all of that is… Know your design…IT IS, YOU ARE A GREAT RESOURCE!!!

Think about all of the “AMAZING” YOU/Me/WE are already equipped/designed/capable to create before we even leave our mind, swipe our card, call someone up…ETC…YOU get the picture!

Last Thing…
Do you watch Extreme Cheapskates??? I know I’ve mentioned it a couple times on social media…ASIDE from some of their eating and bathing habits… There is something WE can all learn about being cheap… that money isn’t our greatest resource…WE ARE!!!


Our creativity lies in what we are willing to create (with what we have).  

How creative would/can YOU be?

Defeating the Crazy with Courage…

Lauren Alicia

P.S. this process can be a struggle but We Are designed to come out on top…that’s a promise!

Happy Monday!!

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