Monday, May 26, 2014

Let Those With Passion Eat Cake

Purpose places the desire and passion creates its continuous hunger.”-The answer to why Purpose + Passion = Greatness (Mmmhmm)

Being Driven with No Engine is like searching for purpose with no passion and baking a cake with no eggs… -True words from The Chef of Life

Yes…I know a cake can be baked without eggs but we’re not talking about that so…

I’ve often wondered… if you don’t know your purpose, can passion be present on your route to getting there? And is it possible to be passionate in all that we do?

That's deep.
So since we're all thinking the same thing now...

I decided to create these 6 steps through a Peanut Butter Sheet Cake recipe (because this cake is goood)… to demonstrate accessing passion, keeping passion flowing no matter where we are on our journey, and being satisfied!

 Sound like a plan? Okay!
Recipe SideNote: If you’re allergic or hate peanuts…any other cake recipe will do…although you can substitute the peanut butter with something of the same consistency!

Now let’s get into it!!

1 // Go to the store. Get the ingredients.

+Know what YOU want. 

+Find out/research what it takes to get it.

++And go where it is.++

Go where “it” is and get “it!”
It’s a waste of time to show up for something, do nothing, and go home…
THEN later…
Realize that YOU/ME/WE have/had the power in our capacity and capabilities (all a long) to achieve what we desire!

 GYC SideNote (note to self):
We simply can’t afford to live that crazy any more…WE CAN’T…NO. Girl…YOU Are TOO Courageous for that (and YOU know it)!!

2 // Lay out the ingredients. Pre-heat the oven. Prepare.  

+Know what you have, get ready to use it…then start using it.

Sometimes passion is forgotten because we’ve forgotten what we ARE made of.

++Look at those ingredients as having ALL The Equipment to get the job done. And Prepare (that's right...Get Ready, Be Ready, Stay Ready!!)++

3 // Drink some water because I’m sure your kitchen is getting pretty hot!

+Refresh yourself.
  You may be superwoman but you’re not a super human! It is okay if you need a break with a time limit.

Passion keeps things fresh…so it is M-U-S-T that we Re-fresh!!

Remember…YOU/Me/We are refreshing…not being or getting lazy/putting it off till “tomorrow” (you know… because “tomorrow never comes”). Just refreshing!

In case you didn’t hear me the first 50 times…

Okay…break over…

4 // Mix it all together like you know what you’re doing because you do!! And do it with the manner of wanting to be proud/satisfied/excited/insert your desired expression here _______.

+Don’t look for the expression and you didn’t do the instructions.

Combine all of who you are into what you are pursuing to achieve.

5 // Now, put the pressure on it with some expectation that what you set out to achieve…YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH!

Quick GYC Commentary
I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page… that you did not use your gas, money, time and effort…thinking you’re about to create something nasty or something you never want to speak of again…right? Right. That's all!

“Girl YOU Crazy”-You (I know you were thinking it…)

Recipe SideNote: If you don’t have enough powdered sugar, make it a glaze instead of frosting…and it is just as delicious! Also…you can bake it in a brownie/casserole pan to make it thicker!

6 // Eat the cake.

+Enjoy and be proud of what was accomplished.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!! Say it with me, “I will enjoy my life!!!”

++Get a glass of milk or whatever you fancy and EAT THAT CAKE because it’s good (so good) and YOU had the privilege of making it.++

Last Note (and I'm done...)
Life always has directions/instructions. Sometimes they’re external and other times internal. Know your voice among voices. LISTEN. And passionately pursue your purpose like you’re going to Eat That Cake with the intention of being satisfied!

Purpose and Passion reside within, and because each day has a purpose...each day can have passion, excitement and joy. It's all about how YOU approach it, and the "why" you're living!

Passion gets stirred when we’re focused on the substance of what we set out to achieve.

Those with passion…

Tell me, how do you access your passion?

Defeating Crazy with Courage,
Lauren Alicia

P.S. I purposely didn’t provide an example of how the cake SHOULD look…because however YOUR cake looks… is THE example!!

 (Although if YOU just need to…there’s a link below, Enjoy!)

Recipe Source: Le Gourmet TV

Have YOU checked out the Lifestyle section…it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

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