Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Perspective of Self: A Leopard and Its Spots…

“You’re wrong…things could be worse.”-Hope for Change Campaign… (does/if that exist?! hmmm)

“What’s bad may be bad but don’t let it stop you from seeing the good, and correcting the pain through a vision of change.”-Perspective

Disclaimer: This post may seem all over the place…but then again, THIS is and that’s what you came here for…so…
SideNote… Have YOU checked out the new L I F E S T Y L E section???

And back to it…

Recently I’ve been hearing/considering the phrase, “a leopard never changes its spots”…have you heard it?

Of course you have! But if not…it’s an old phrase about people not being able to change who they are… It’s a pretty hopeless phrase that I do admit to using…but now it’s time to confront it! Hello Growth!!

So, it had me thinking… If “a leopard never changes its spots” then how can people grow and be better? How can we ditch the weaknesses, uplift the strengths…and allow the change to be visual/noticeable?

Then, I realized… Perspective changes everything! Growth doesn’t come from thinking you’re the worst person in the world… it’s ignited/set on fire/initiated/begins when we recognize that we can/want/need to be better for whatever important reason!

Let me say it again… PERSPECTIVE CHANGES EVERYTHING! No matter how life may be, YOU, ME, WE will always have the opportunity to determine what we see!

And Perspective of Self helps you see your worst days as your best days (or at least preparation for better days)!

A “leopard” may not be able to change its spots but it can decide how it wears them!

Let no person write you off as someone that can’t grow and be better! And understand that there is a difference in people not wanting to wait for that moment of change to be realized.

This post is about how YOU, ME, WE see ourselves and the “spots” that others may see (just in case you didn’t get that from the title or all the other stuff above…). 

The thing is WE ALL have “spots” and at times we will have to apologize for how the spots make others feel… but the other thing is WE ALWAYS have the choice to work our negatives into positives and our weaknesses into strengths!

A couple GYC Notes on making your “spots” work for YOU:

+ Be honest with YOURSELF (know your “spots”) aka know that you are among a WHOLE WORLD of people with spots…it is OKAY! The difference is HOW YOU wear them!!

+ Give your “spots” a perspective that serves you…not hurt you. Growth is a powerful choice, and remaining stuck is a choice that takes your power away.

+ Understand that Change is a Decision and Growth is a Process. Forgive yourself! And remember…YOU are still standing!

+ Identify and know their influence. Just like a team calculates the actions of their opponents… so they can win the game…so shall you with your weaknesses… Work those “spots” to your advantage and make them strengths that serve you and others (habits)! 

Sometimes we allow our weaknesses or mistakes to stop us as if our purpose stopped but that’s a lie and a moment to choose how we will decide to move.

+ Make the choice to be better a non-issue because we can talk about our problems and so-called flaws allllllllllll day long but tell me… when has elevating the problem ever brought a solution, especially concerning your growth???

+ Remember…it’s one thing to know, identify and decide…and another to live all of that out loud.

And lastly...
+ How do YOU want to see yourself? And how do you want people to see you? No, we can’t change how people feel about us…but we can change what/how we present ourselves!!

With Boldness and Confidence may WE all wear our “spots” as lessons and experience, instead of pain, frustration and defeat!

A leopard may not be able to change its spots but it can decide how it wears them!

Let no person write you off as someone that can’t grow and be better!

Defeating Crazy with Courage,
Lauren Alicia, GYCGirl…Growing with YOU!

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