Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Open Doors, Open Doors

“Little to no traffic, green lights, minimum distractions, a little rain but no worries, your windshield wipers are working, the GPS is instructing, you’re listening and even when you miss that turn…still no worries because it re-routes…and now, you’ve arrived where and when YOU were supposed to be there…which is on time.”-A description of a life that trust the process

“Every time I said yes, I was granted access. And now I’m walking in my worth as a promise fulfilled by my Purpose.-US

“I agree, every appeared opening is not for me but peace follows the doors that are open and welcome me.”-Just Plain Ole GYC, no commentary 

Say it with me… “Open doors, open doors!!!!!”

…Think about it…

It’s that moment when you said no (mentally and verbally) to ALL things against your purpose and truly decided to follow…

Then, BAM (or whatever sound effect of your pleasing) your open door became visible!

It became YOUR sign that you were actually going in the right direction, aiming for a target with an exciting end goal, and creating something that pleased your soul…

…That moment when peace became more than just a word but a realization that this purpose/desire/dream is happening, revealing itself right before OUR EYES!!

Ahhhhh…this is the life!!

And on the other side…finally understanding why people say,

“Never forget YOUR WHY.”

If your open door has yet to show itself…No worries, I’ll talk about that in a minute.

Please Note: This is Not “Questionable Closed Door”…I don’t think?…But go check it out anyway because it was one of my first blog posts!! Thank you!! I’ve come a long way!!

But…THIS open door, you walked through it, and even in moments of weakness…you eventually kept going and that one open door…welcomed MORE open doors!! (yes…I will be saying “open doors” a lot…deal with it and get ready for em’ please!!)

“Girl YOU Crazy”

It’s like going the right speed, at the right time and getting all (well, mostly) green lights because your foot does need a break…arriving on time to the place that you may not have been all that sure you were going to be …"on time"…maybe even started thinking of a “I’m not late” face or story (hey…I’ve done both…) BUT everything just began to fall into place.

And the more you said yes to the reason you were designed…the more opportunities presented themselves for YOU/ME/WE to say YES to.

Open doors, open doors.

I want to talk about allowing yourself to have no limits to living out your purpose even if RIGHT NOW seems amazing…and it took so much to arrive at this place you’re in/at right now…

The more YOU/Me/We keep saying Yes to purpose the more YOU/Me/We have to say Yes to.

I think I just said that… but I’ll leave it because … I want to.

It’s having that aha moment and everything just clicks! And you truly understand…

I was built for this.

Then that next step…I was built for everything connected to this, my purpose!!

Open doors, open doors.

Do YOU hear me?!
“Girl YOU Crazy”…you were thinking it! Or maybe not… because THIS is the REAL DEAL!!

There is nothing like being at the right place, at the right time, saying the right thing(s) to the right people.

Personal GYC Commentary on My Life:
When you process the past you just might find a bigger dream with deeper impact and greater influence.

I once believed that I can’t___________.

+I can’t write stories because my 7th/8th grade English teacher gave me C’s on all my stories’ rough drafts, and did not seem interested in me making progress to a better grade… which is how I grew to love poetry…I always earned A’s.

+I can’t seriously be transparent with everyone because what’s the point?

+I can’t give advice on my experiences because they need to be validated with an expert educated specifically in the subject, and I also need to need the advice that I’m giving in my own life.

+I can’t design because apparently my designs have been done before...

+I can’t speak to crowds because public speaking frightens me.

+I can’t genuinely give because when I do I have this remorse/regret/fear that I just took something from myself that I can’t get back, and I’ll have less.

The list probably goes on but these were my big points!

See the thing is…
I realized my open doors by saying yes/I CAN to Purpose/Dreams that honored my worth and design, despite ANY naysayers, discouragement, negative feelings/thoughts, or lack of confidence/trust in certain abilities.

As much as the “can’t” might have initially been true, honest feelings and/or intentionally meant to stop me…I persevered/pushed/fought to decide not to remain where I was so that I would have room to grow further.

I NOW believe and know that I can______________.

+I can write.

+I can blog.

+I can write books. I am an author. This year…I have 2 author credits!! Dear Divorce, Thank You being the first! And the second book is a women’s compilation that will officially launch this coming March in Canada!!!

+I can design. I am a graphic designer. I can design books. This year…I have 4 book design credits (for sure…this year isn’t over) including the 2 books mentioned above!!! And the other 2 for 2 first time authors as well!!

+I can share my life, my experiences. I can speak. I have a new level of transparency…it’s called you are not alone with your fears or triumphs, and in some way shape or form we are connected. So I will stand with you by relating to you... instead of pretending like I don’t know a level of what it is like to be you, or can’t have compassion for what you’ve been through.

+I can give. I can give and not feel like I am at a lost but realize the priceless gain.

Every area that began to unveil itself as “I can” connected and continues to connect me deeper to my purpose, opening door after door because of one open door that I said yes to.

Seeing one open door lead to many other open doors, which helped me grow my weaknesses and inabilities, turning my fear into courage. If there is one thing that I learned about “I can’t” is that there are many things we all “can’t” do or are not built/designed to do…but there is a difference in being able to pinpoint/verbalize your “can’t”…It is the beginning to your lesson and/or understanding.

+The Lesson: Your weaknesses are a perfect place to grow strength. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Where you are weak, is where you are being made strong”?

All of my “I can’t” listed above became my fighting moments for “Oh Yes, I Can.” And how I stand and progress today.

+The Understanding: Everyone is not designed to do everything but if you love it, find your voice within it and use it that way…Remember “I got a voice & I use it”? Go beyond the surface to get to the substance. Keeping a perspective that allows you to embrace and honor ALL of who YOU ARE!!

When WE turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’…we will begin to see the truth of ‘open doors, open doors.’ Then, take off all limits to the possibilities of who YOU/Me/We were designed to be, living freely in our Purpose.

Let me say this
A dream is vision, a surface, an image like the picture on the box of a puzzle. We won’t understand it until we’ve connected all the pieces together…even those that don’t look like they fit. If you want an open door that leads to other open doors, commit to your Purpose including all things attached to the journey of getting there.

 Some More GYC Quotes:

"If You're scared to go through that first open door for whatever reason, you'll never know ALL of the greatness that already lives within you." 

"All of YOUR open doors are an introduction to know more about the person YOU are but have yet to meet."

Stay tuned THIS December…for Part 2… Let’s delve a little deeper!! And YOU know that there will be an end of the year FREE GYCGIRLYOUCRAZY Book... Y'all are going to LOVE THIS!!!

Defeating Crazy with Courage,

Lauren Alicia, Miss GYCGirl…Walking Through My Opened Doors…Doors!!

Yes Ma’am!!

P.S. My Book, Dear Divorce, Thank You (EvenThough I Hate You) is in stores NOW and the GYC Lifestyle section is hopping…whatever that means! So go pick up your copy and check it out!! Please and thank you! And HUGE Thank you to those that have already picked up their copy!! Let me know what YOU think!!


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