Thursday, June 25, 2015 is Officially 3 Years Old…But should I celebrate?

Yes. I am still here, although a bit quiet, and a tad reserved (for the moment). Focusing and making sure I am connected to the limitless. Placing one foot in front of the other. Wrapping my head around international changes, external phases… being confident that THIS (the life we have today) is it!!

The past two anniversaries, I sat in front of you on video, got teary eyed, did karaoke…etc. However, this year, I just want to (briefly) reflect…authentically! Even if you may have to read this a couple times to catch what I’m saying or realize the seeds I’m planting or watering.

So this year…I decided, it was time to be DEEP and eventually we’ll laugh but always enjoy the journey. I am rededicating the purpose of GYC regardless of the lack of new posts (bear with me)…its intention beyond the date is to encourage perspective that honors OUR journey, Purpose, goals, Passion, and realize the influence we have beyond the people that have taken the time to learn our name.

Often, this journey of Purpose requires submission to an (appeared) unknown path of promise.

I was looking at life up till now, thinking about all, ALL the different directions that it seems I’ve gone and am going…and I thought through a question:

How did you change your perspective to honor an unknown path?

This is my response: Trusting that I am created with Purpose. So as much as it may seem unknown to me, it’s not. We grow into the beautiful people that we are becoming, in honoring our growth we honor who we are and the path that leads us.

So for this 3rd year, in honor of…spend some time or better yet, TAKE some time reflecting on your journey through whatever medium (sitting on the floor, journaling, mirror conversation, drawing…YOU get the picture…make a picture). Make sure that YOU still love where you’re headed, appreciate where you’ve planted, and still hope in its Promise.

“Girl YOU Crazy”
… I know. ;-)

With love and a whole bunch of CRAZY COURAGE,

Miss Lauren Alicia, Still Here. And the Queen of the Process!!

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