Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Check Yo' Self Before YOU Wreck Yo' Self

“Check yo self before you wreck yo self and miss a great opportunity because of a humble beginning.”-Purpose knowing that we grow into our greatness

“Don’t allow your thoughts to limit the vision of your dreams or talk you out of the journey/steps that it takes to get there.” 

This is the 1st post of the year… WHOA Lauren, where have you been?????????????

I know, I know. Happy New Year y’all!!! However, I had to be sure that what was written was the REAL and relevant to what is going on in this New Year. Yep! No faking the funk here!!

So much growth, change, new beginnings, great connections, releasing the unnecessary connections (even if they don’t know it yet…) and just being free in all of what Purpose asks of me…

Then why is the post titled, “Check Yo Self Before YOU Wreck Yo Self” ?!?!!?

Because…where there is growth or progress to be made, there IS a struggle!!! And pride wants to tell everyone about him or herself while ego holds the microphone in attempts to tell you (as a reminder) and everybody else that you have already grown (2 snaps).

But in all of that, you miss the opportunity for actual growth.

“Check Yo Self Before YOU Wreck Yo Self” (yes, I'm quoting Ice Cube *smile)

Can I get a HELLO!!!!!!!

“Girl YOU Crazy”…but that’s why YOU are here!! We are all in process of something and we will only be in process until we get real/honest and stay honest with ourselves about where we are and where we want to be!

GYC Disclaimer: This post is more than likely going to read like a short rant post…but what’s new!? “The short part.”

I started this New Year somewhat like the last year but with specific plans for going to the next level with things that I already have in place versus creating the space…

However, even when we are following purpose and can see the bigger picture (SOMETIMES… it’s okay, I’ll be honest by myself), thoughts, feelings, pride…the fact that we are human tend to get in the way of the humble start…and we may start to wonder if we are really walking in our worth with this journey…

Now do you see why this post took so long!!!??? And I’m taking my vulnerability to the next level by putting this out here because this is a recurring moment in MY thoughts… it happens just before I’m bumped up to the next level but with it being 2015, a New Year, a new age, I’m just like geeessshhhh I’m a little over the humble beginnings… although I am appreciative!! At least now I know what it feels like to realize that I am built for more than one dream…the feeling of opposition lingering, the other side rolling their eyes and saying, “This is really not a humble beginning Lauren…” while my pride taunts with, “Why do I have to have a humble beginning for everything?????”

Then Purpose answers and says because YOU were created to impact, influence and inspire…and without knowing the feeling, or having the experience from every level of what I am asking you to begin or continue, you will not respect your progress nor have the compassion necessary to relate to those you’re designed to relate to. These humble beginnings are not meant to make you question your worth but stand firm in it and realize that you’re built strong, strong, STRONG and when you get to where you think you want to be after all of this…TRUST and know that I will blow your mind with the next thing! Don’t give up, don’t give in, allow the one open door to lead you to the next one…

Seems like I should read Don't Take The Elevator...

So as YOU/ME (definitely me)/WE carry-on throughout 2015 and ALL the years to come…

May these “Check Yo Self Before YOU Wreck Yo Self” GYC Girl YOU Crazy quotes run through your thoughts as YOU get ready and stay ready for the next level!!!

1. Before you scrap for crumbs look up and see that you can have the whole cookie!

2. Allow your attitude and perspective to respect you!

3. Self-reflection is not for self-pity but a moment of reflecting on our true identity.

4. Allow your expectations to be manifestations…with trust and patience.

5. Don’t allow your potential to go unused because of your limited view of what is in front of you. #SeeTheBiggerPicture

6. Just because others disagree doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share your opinion (again) or that you’re wrong, or going in the wrong direction.

7. If you truly have problems, realize the gifts and abilities you’ve been given and see that you were also given solutions that only you can compassionately pursue. Every problem you have has the potential to grow YOU in some way…even if it is just in mindset (which is HUGE)!!

8. You have come too far not to check your intentions or follow peace before you proceed!!

9. “Check Yo Self Before YOU Wreck Yo Self and find out what it really means to have a humble beginning…

10. Without the struggle you’ll never find your strength or grace for compassion.

11. The difference between you and others is…this is your dream, not something you are settling for. Remember that.

12. Your progress is a personal process that only you need to take the time to understand and commit. Be okay with it!

13. Will you look back on your experience right now as time wasted or time well spent? Think about it… think about it… then decide whether or not to continue!

14. Only YOU can stop YOU…don’t let anyone else think they have that power.

May YOU love yourself and your choices. Cheers to US continuing to rock this 2015!!

Defeating Crazy with Courage,
Lauren Alicia // Miss GYCGirl…Checking myself before I wreck myself!! ;-)

#TooBlessedToMissMyBlessings ...I know, I don't use hashtags properly all time...forgive me (smile)!

P.S. Checkout this month’s Question for Thought

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