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Cross the Line

“You were built for this, I got your back, don’t worry, I set you up to win, influence, encourage, take (appeared) risks and enjoy what was and is accomplished.”-Your Purpose Talking

“Start with me and end with me, and you’ll never see a bottom, only opportunity.”-Purpose Still Talking

“Sometimes we maintain where we are because it’s hard to fathom some of the things our purpose asks of us.”-An Understanding Friend that wants YOU to cross the line, or Me (it’s okay if we haven’t met yet)

“Don’t cross the line”
(said with a smile, firm face, hand gestures, bold tone, light tone, wink, anger, or fill-in-the-blank _____ attitude or undertone…)

Your (possible) response: YOU talking to me?? Girl YOU Crazy because you’re not talking to me…

Can we be real…even if that is just how you respond in your head…? Okay, cool thanks!

But wait, let me locate WHO I’m talking to before I fully get in to this, I guess I could have started with that…

1. How many of us have heard that phrase???

2. Now… How many times has someone said it to YOU…(maybe with different words)???

3. And… How many of us cared?!?!? Or the number of times YOU cared??

I see those hands!!

And that’s why you’re on…WE get each other!

Quick Road Map:
This post is about going deeper in the reasons why we decide/decided to cross the line and the benefits attached to it…and what I mean by crossing the line, me personally, Lauren Alicia (I’m not trying to start any drama…)…if you were wondering!

GYC SideNote: YOU/ME/We are the courageous ones…no matter how “crazy” people say we are [.] Mmmhmm!! Boom tika boom!!

So… let’s get right into it…

I want to talk about crossing the line for the sake of…
+ Your purpose
+ Being heard
+ Helping others be heard
+ Being WHO YOU ARE designed to be
+ Accomplishing what you set out to achieve
+ Allowing your potential to breathe and be
+ Allowing courage to not just be a word but thoughts with action
+ Taking the next step and going to the next level

Do YOU hear me…?!?!?

THIS is the type of crossing the line I want to talk about…if there is drama to be had…let your PURPOSE be attached!! You know so if anything legal wise comes up…it makes sense to you as to why you feel and/or act(ed) the way you did/do…

Are we still on the same page? Yes? Okay, good! If not, I still want you to keep reading…please and thank you! *smile

August’s (and September) Question for Thought:

SideNote: When I wrote that quote at the bottom, it was after I realized some of the times and even recently that I “crossed the line,” and I thought about if I hadn’t …where would I be today?

Not to mention…it made me think about the times that I didn’t cross the line or waited…

But let’s get back to crossing the line (yes…I will be saying cross the line and purpose 50 times)…

The thing with this Question for Thought and why I wanted to write a related post… is that it makes me think about what YOU/ME/We use to replace courage when it comes to pursuing our purpose…you know, old Slewfoot…and all his relatives… those dag gone naysayers…

And on the other side, the importance of why we need to cross the line for our purpose, and the other related reasons I mentioned above.

Let me outline 2 of the most important moments to recognize when we replace courage:
1.                    When we replace courage as in let doubt start talking and deciding, it becomes easy for us to deny/reject/never follow-through on the ideas that push us beyond limits; I’m talking about those “crazy” aka courageous ideas that pop in our mind…

Think about it, the more we invite doubt and worry in, the harder it becomes to actually want to do it or believe that we can do it!

2.                   The moment when the “crazy” ideas don’t appear to have any provision/resources/support/money/all of the above…and it makes us worry and/or wait, which doesn’t help us get anywhere!

*This is basically how worrying makes me feel… so…

Sometimes we think too small and our design is created to think big so we think that what’s “crazy” isn’t the norm, when IN OUR reality… what’s “crazy” aka courageous is actually OUR norm asking us will YOU be B-O-L-D? ---I may have to back to this in another post…

And THAT is the reason I want us to cross the line…

The next step in your purpose is on the other side of “that line”…will you cross it?

Think about this, when/what was the first time you can remember that you took a risk…then after you did it…you realized it was no big deal?

One of the things I had to realize and keep in my remembrance was that there are no risks in pursuing your purpose…the risk is in not pursuing YOUR Purpose…and knowing the makes of you…then wondering why there is no satisfaction or whatever your desired emotion or feeling maybe…

Here are some random GYC thoughts that may lead you to “Cross the Line” (they don’t need my commentary…yours is enough)

+ I am one of my greatest resources. My design was built to fulfill my purpose, pushing its features beyond the limits.

+ Your answer just may be on the other side of a question but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

+ Who cares if everyone cares?! If you weren’t doing something worth talking about… they would not talk about you. Yeah…purpose’s ideas may seem crazy but if you took the time to realize the setup it has set up…your life may REALLY get crazy (by definition) or remain boring if you don’t do what it asks…

BOOM…what you gonna do???

that's my note-to-self…

+ Friend, if you don’t pursue this dream, your purpose... then what will you pursue? And what legacy will you leave?

The person that you admire isn’t the only one capable of being courageous and BOLD ENOUGH to begin fulfilling their dreams.


Quick Personal Story and GYC Commentary
I have crossed the line.

Someone told me I did and even wanted to file an injunction (lawsuit) to show me just how much I crossed the line…

I wrote and published Dear Divorce, Thank You… for grown kids (teens and adults) of divorce to confront, cope, learn, decide and apply.

And no it does not bash parents or anyone else but it also does not deny the truth for the sake of someone’s ego.

I had to realize that my growth, our growth is more important than some temporary hurt feelings about the truth that already exists whether or not people verbalize it.

We all go through our own level of tragedy or hardships but not talking about it when YOU know YOU have the voice and heart built to authentically discuss it… just keeps the conversation from not being discussed…it’s existence doesn’t go away based on whether or not we have a tolerance for it.

Long story short…my book is for sale at various online book retailers regardless of any present, past or future opposition against it.

I thought about not talking about this part of the journey at all… Then I realized that you all needed to know there was a real struggle beyond sharing my story on this topic with the world…and I crossed the line like there was no line for the sake of my sanity and purpose because my position that I was designed to play is WORTH IT.

SideNote: That's the only air that drama needs. Let us proceed!!

A Good Old Fashioned GYC Rant (all grammar rules out the window…I miss these)
Listen…Cross the line, cross the line, CROSS THE LINE!! (Insert your name here…)____________ CROSS THE LINE!! If there is one thing we can regret in this life is to know you have a purpose and not live it…and instead consider everyone and everything that has something negative against it…allowing them to cloud your judgment…leaving YOU/ME/WE to live a boring life of what if and I just didn’t want to hurt so-and-so’s feelings and having those that come after you struggle in an area where YOU were built to pave the way!

Cross That Line because no matter the volume or depths of your purpose, YOU are worth it…the real risk in not taking the risk is to find out that it wasn’t a risk but a normal day in your purpose. People can call you whatever they want to call you but YOUR PUPORSE DESIGNED YOU, which means it knows the depths of you, so only answer to what it calls you, WORTHY and equipped…which means that when you own it…there WILL BE OPPOSITION but don’t worry because you are worthy and equipped!! And if you were not…think about this…why would Slewfoot send its small-minded goons to bother someone who has no potential to be SOMEONE.

Let Me Say This…and I’m done
Think about WHO AND/OR WHAT needs your “crazy” idea that crosses the line, pushes the envelope, questions the definition of limits, and says that I am the expert of MY EXPERIENCES, listen to me.

Then decide (after you have put in all that thought) IF you don’t want to be courageous.

I’m thinking that if YOU/ME/We really do this…WE’LL BE SO STIRRED UP TO JUST TAKE THE MIC AND ROCK THIS LIFE…okay, I need to calm down…

There are too many Girl YOU Crazy faces and comments putting a hold on stuff, attempting to talk us out of walking worthy in our purpose, and making us think that we can’t impact the world with the genius that lives within us.

Crossing the line is about taking courage for what it’s for, our purpose, going for it… even IF the idea makes others uncomfortable. Living and fulfilling the life that calls us to be passionate and not just want change but step up and make change.

We cross the line for a better, no… GREATER tomorrow. And if we just sit and indulge in discouragement, today will only continue to replay itself…no progress.

What others and even ourselves may think is crossing the line, our purpose just considers it another day of living out our design…the norm we were built to live and enjoy!

So…I am going to ask this question again…

Don’t shut up or shut out the Courage attached to your Purpose.

More GYC Quotes

“Cross the line like there is no line because anything attached to your purpose is worth it.”-Life

“Many ideas aren’t crazy…our minds just think to small.”-The Substance of Crossing the Line

“If you didn’t have the power to impact the world…NO ONE would care about what you’re doing.”-Real Life

So go ahead…CROSS THE LINE!! And encourage someone to do the same!

Defeating crazy with courage,
Lauren Alicia, Miss GYCGirl…Crossing the Line with Confidence!!

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